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The Institute of Therapeutic Sciences (ITS) was established in 2003 in Livonia, Michigan, (by a Physical Therapist, Manual Osteopath and Naturopath), with a musculoskeletal practice philosophy combining the concepts of traditional physical therapy and osteopathy. At the ITS, the clinician is trained to determine appropriateness of individuals for musculoskeletal intervention. Hence, identifying non mechanical, in addition to mechanical sources of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction is stressed upon. The outcome: a constant reinforcement of the role of the physical therapist as a primary care musculoskeletal practitioner.

The institute claims to be the first orthopaedic manual therapy philosophy to describe how hands on interventions actually influence the primary musculoskeletal clinical diagnosis. Other credits include the first time description of clinical syndromes and clinical tests (musculoskeletal), which are published in peer reviewed journals and indexed in medline. The institute boasts holism to an extent where all (eclectic) musculoskeletal treatment approaches out there are made sense of in treating the clinical diagnosis at hand.

The programs of the institute are recommended for the motivated clinician, who desires to possess strong clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills in musculoskeletal practice. The programs assure the clinician, the ability to be able to incorporate all treatment approaches out there within the scope of musculoskeletal physical therapy. The goal: to encompass all treatment approaches, intervene with the simplest and least iatrogenic methods; yet be logical and effective with treatment outcomes.



The Institute of Therapeutic Sciences currently offers Continuing education in orthopaedic physical therapy and other certification programs.



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